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Mandanova: Nova mandarin mutation obtained in South Africa by irradiation of yolks. The tree is vigorous, with no thorns. Very low pollen viability. The variety is partenocobarpic and self-incompatible. Fruit of great quality that is distinguished from the Nova variety by not having seeds, nor induce them in other varieties, but like Nova the fruit is sensitive to cracking and also detach with low temperatures, especially on citrange patterns. The variety is sensitive to Alternaria.

Murina: Murcott mutation obtained in the IVIA from the irradiation of buds. The tree is of medium vigor, with small thorns, it branches a lot. The viability of pollen is very low, being the variety self-compatible. Very sweet variety, with very few seeds, of skin, is sensitive to the cracking of the fruit at the end of summer and the alternaria fungus (similar to Nova). It requires careful handling after harvesting, to prevent the bark from drying out. It should be grafted on vigorous pattern or intermediate wood of vigorous variety, grafted on Citrumelo there areindicios of possible incompatibility. The variety has alternation in the harvests.