VIVEROS ALCANAR S.A.T. was founded in 1969 in the city of Alcanar (Tarragona, Spain). Its production regions are mostly located to the north of Castellón and to the south of Tarragona, with these two areas serving as the largest producer and supplier of certified citrus seedlings in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula.

The regional climate and soil conditions, combined with the company’s many years of experience passed down through the generations, have made it possible to produce seedlings with excellent characteristics, ensuring their future replanting will be a guaranteed success.

Since its founding, VIVEROS ALCANAR S.A.T. has opted for seedlings of the highest quality and materials of guaranteed health, actively collaborating with all of the Valencian and Catalan official administrative bodies, which conduct assessments and provide the certificates required to ensure that the seedlings meet all of the requirements established by the administrations.

VIVEROS ALCANAR S.A.T. is also part of nursery association AVASA (Agrupación de Viveristas de Agrios) committed to researching and introducing new varieties of citrus fruits, collaborating with the Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research (IVIA) in order to obtain the best results from plant materials and to ensure maximum control of these results, to be transmitted to farmers as safely as possible.

This concerted effort has consolidated VIVEROS ALCANAR S.A.T’s position as Spain’s largest producer of citrus seedlings and one of the largest in the world.